Internship Programs

The Apollonian Revolt is home to a large community of individuals interested in educating the world and upholding the Apollonian ideals which make our journal unique. In the midst of university study, many undergraduate and masters students express a strong interest in becoming a part of the intellectual community. A stepping stone towards that eventual seat of influence is a virtual internship at the Apollonian Revolt.

Our interns are often given a wide range of responsibilities and as time goes on, increasing autonomy. We currently offer internships in the following areas of study:

  1. Arts & Culture Research
  2. Politics & International Affairs Research
  3. Economics & Finance Research

The qualified candidate for our internship program is:

  1. A matriculated student at an accredited university with at least 60 credits
  2. An excellent writer with experience writing in the MLA format
  3. Preferably majoring or concentrating in a relevant  field of study

Note: All internships with The Apollonian Revolt are unpaid.

To be considered for candidacy to one of our internship programs, please click here.



“I had a great internship experience at The Apollonian Revolt. I had the opportunity to analyze and interpret significant political and economic challenges across the globe. In addition, not only did I get to start writing about stuff I was interested in, but I also had the feeling that what I wrote actually mattered. ” ~ Maximilian Kane Martin. NYU.