Frequently Asked Questions:

So…is the journal conservative, libertarian, socialist, communist, Leninist etc?

  • We are none of these things. Our mission is to provide the general public with rational arguments on relevant topics, history, and news. We feature articles that present sound arguments for policies on all sides of the political spectrum.

Is there a print edition?

  • As of now, there is not, however we are considering running one in August.

Is there a way that I can volunteer without having to write anything?

  • Yes, our fundraising and social media teams always need extra people.

Where are you located?

  • A majority of our more senior editors and writers are located in the tri-state area, though some of our writers and many of our contributors are from locations across the nation.

Can I donate anonymously?

  • Yes.

Do I need a PHD to submit an article?

  • No. Many of our best articles come from individuals without advanced academic credentials. Our editorial review process does not factor in an author’s biography or institutional affiliations.

Can I intern with the Apollonian Revolt for college credit?

  • In the past, interns have received college credit for their participation in our program. Depending on your particular university’s  requirements, we may be able to offer you college credit.

I’ve already earned my Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate/JD etc… can I still apply to your internship program?

  • Yes. Even though most of our interns are still undergraduates, we occasionally accept applicants who have finished their formal education.